A pilgrim’s thought

“To hear the whisper of the Lord,

you must turn down the volume

of the world.  Find time to

disconnect from everything

around you and

be still in His presence.”


A visitor/pilgrim to Lough Derg wrote these words.  He or she attached no name but shared the words later with the staff there.  They feature in a book LOUGH DERG – Island of Miracles by Fr Eamonn Conway.  There’s a lot in these words and maybe they have a place in our prayer and reflections during the coming week.

How ready are we for this “disconnection”?  Certainly it’s not always easy but it seems so necessary.  We are, on all sides, bombarded by noise and activity and so little time is set aside for reflection and prayer.  Just as we can only  truly hear another person when we fall silent and allow him or her to speak, so it is – has to be – with God.  It’s only in some form of silence that His voice can be heard.  Yes HE can be shouting at us, prompting us even as we rush around but the true hearing only takes place when one voice is functioning.  Following silence of course, we need to respond in some form to what has been heard.

Maybe we need to introduce a bit more space for silence in our Masses too.  Those few quiet moments after God’s Word is read, following the homily, after Holy Communion.  Something for us all to think about ……