Corpus Christi Procession


It’s quite likely that no words in our Church’s Liturgical vocabulary are more regularly spoken than these.  The languages may differ but the   meaning is solid and real. “The Body of Christ”.  Amen.

The Body of Christ – what does it mean to us and for us? It’s about Jesus giving himself without limitation to us, one and all, that we might allow him enter and shape our very lives and choices. It’s to do with realising we are part of a single body and that where any of its parts is hurting, the hurt is felt by all.  It is about respect for and love of the Body of Christ.

There’s a central call today to respect for Eucharist, in our turning of gaze towards it in Adoration of The Blessed Sacrament and in our reception of Holy Communion.  These and all references to Eucharist need be rooted in Faith and acceptance of Christ. We need to make a real effort not to become casual in our approach, to remember the teachings of our tradition.  Genuflection before the Blessed Sacrament is an  almost singular honour.  We seldom, if ever, would consider genuflecting in any other circumstance.   Silence too, quite literally speaks volumes, in our attentiveness around the Blessed Sacrament and in church.  It is always to be encouraged. Some go so far as to name it “Sacred Silence”.

This respect for Eucharist – Corpus Christi – takes us beyond the moment and reminds us of the need to show respect always to one another, to feel each other’s pain and to recognise “The Christ” within us all.


After Mass today (June 18th) we had a short and simple procession to honour Corpus Christi.  We walked in silence, remembering those who lost their lives in recent tragedies, including the terror attacks in Manchester and London and the tower-block fire of this week.  Silence too, allowed us time to focus our own thoughts and prayers on this day.  At the Crossroads in Kilmovee we paused to bless the four roads that lead people to and from our parish and to pray for all who travel all roads that the might do so in safety.

Some of this year’s First Holy Communion Class joined us in the Procession and it is always special to have them present.

Rupert Davis ( took some photos and I am very grateful to him for doing so.  They are on the Community Website and I am re-printing them here.