A few images from Kilmovee Parish Mission.

(A REGRET!!  These photos are from the Parish Mission in the Kilmovee and Urlaur side of the parish.  Since events are at the same time, I have not been in Kilkelly or Glann but I know what’s happening here is also happening there.  Apart then from our gathering in Urlaur and the Schools’ Gathering in Kilmovee, I have not had the chance to capture Frs Gabriel and Liam at work but I know they are giving their all too!  God Bless the work 🙂 )


PEACE VIGIL AT URLAUR ABBEY (Sunday evening – October 12th)



On Wednesday, October 15th, the three primary schools of the parish came together to Kilmovee Parish Church for a special prayer service seeking God’s blessing on them all and their schools.  Fr Liam led us in a lovely reflection around the gospel passage of building your house on rock.  The Friars also led us in song.  After prayers we adjourned to the local Community Centre for some refreshments, served by the Community Centre Staff and sponsored by the local Community Bingo Committee.  We are grateful to them all.  It was great to see close on 150 children gathered in our Church and Community Centre to enjoy each other’s company and share a prayer along the way.


We’re nearly there!  It’s been a very good few days with our Franciscan team.  I’ve enjoyed meeting them and spending a bit of time.  More importantly, the parish has enjoyed them too.  Their style is engaging and non-threatening.  Their message is simply delivered but quite profound and challenging.  I’m challenged!

We had a wonderful Family Celebration this evening in both Urlaur and Kilmovee.  There was a fine message about family life, prayer and the call to be a better person within and for the family.  Bishop Brendan joined us in Kilmovee and took part in a ceremony of blessing families and family members.

Frs David and Caoimhin sang beautifully.  I believe all present in both places were glad to have been in that space.


Friar David celebrated 10am Mass in Urlaur on Friday.  There was a good gathering and it was especially lovely to see Marie Sharkey there on her 94th Birthday.  We acknowledged the day in song after Mass and David gave her a Blessing on her birthday.


Well it’s over!  The Mission, that is – the pilgrimage continues.  We had a fine crowd tonight in Kilmovee.  Friar David was Principal Celebrant at Mass and Friar Caoimhin preached.  The choir was excellent.  Many thanks to all who have been involved in preparing for the Parish Mission; Pastoral Council. those who read, Altar Servers and so many more.  We’ll have time, please God, to say thanks.  For now, thanks to our four “Missioners”.  They were excellent and we were lucky to have them, and blessed.