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Our Parish


This is the homepage of the Parish of Kilmovee - part of the Diocese of Achonry. We are located in East Mayo and our parish includes four church areas; Kilmovee, Kilkelly, Urlaur and Glann.  Each area has a Church and a very vibrant community but all four areas interlink to become Parish. Somebody once described a parish as being a "family of families" and that description sits wll with us here in the parish.  People are supportive of each other and the good of the community is central to daily parish life.

"Kilkelly Ireland" is a very beautiful and powerful song that has its origins in our parish.  In recent times, Peter Jones who penned the song with his brother, paid a visit to the parish.  He joined us for Evening Mass in Urlaur and sang for us when Mass was ended.  A lovely and memorable moment that reminds us our Parish stretches far ....





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Church Areas

There are four Church Areas in the parish: KILMOVEE ___________________________ URLAUR __________________________ KILKELLY __________________________ GLANN Each area has its own unique community spirit and this is very much encouraged. Collectively however, the four areas – the “family of families” – become and are the Parish of Kilmovee.

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