Thank you for your kind words to   Fr John during the week and for your prayers for him as he prepares to take up his new appointment.

Thanks also for your understanding of our changed situation. We will address this in due course but, for now, would like to put a plan of  action in place.

There will be NO CHANGE in weekend Masses until the end of the year. We will re-assess the situation at that stage and, should changes need to be made, will look at how best we can do this. Until the end of the year therefore, there will be Vigil Masses in Urlaur and Glann and Sunday Masses in Kilmovee and Kilkelly.  We may well need to look at times to allow more space between these.

At present there are daily Masses in Kilkelly and Kilmovee and from the beginning of  September we will celebrate Daily Mass in Kilmovee on Monday,  Tuesday and Thursday with Masses in Kilkelly on Wednesday and Friday. Masses already arranged for Saturday mornings in Kilmovee will be celebrated to the end of December but from January there will not be Saturday morning Mass except in the case of Month’s Mind or First Anniversary Masses if these cannot otherwise be accommodated in the Mass Schedule.

From September there will not be First Friday Masses in Glann or Urlaur but it is hoped that those wishing to take part in the First Friday tradition might attend Mass in Kilmovee or Kilkelly and it that people might help each  other through the offering of lifts etc.

In time, please God, we will find the best way forward. Thanks to the  Pastoral Council for sharing in these thoughts and  options.

We will all work   together so that we can truly pray and be together.

Vincent Sherlock, 5th August 2017