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    Hecklers and Helpers – A choice

    Last weekend I recorded the homily at Mass as it was the launch of The Seosamh MacGabhann Summer School.  I placed the recording on my blog and one visitor was kind enough to suggest this was something that might be done from time to time. With that in mind, I recorded the homily again today.  It’s […]

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    Feedback welcome

    Hello there!  Working on a new website so let us know what you think!  It’s a work in progress but, then again, so is life! Your suggestions and, as the title suggest, FEEDBACK, are welcome.

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    He is risen. Alleluia

    Wishing you all the blessings of this Easter Season.  May the Risen Lord meet you on the shores of life’s lakes and take you to that place of inner peace that comes from knowing him.  He called “Mary” by name and in a tone she recognised.  May you too hear that tone in his voice. […]