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Jan 21

A pilgrim’s thought

“To hear the whisper of the Lord, you must turn down the volume of the world.  Find time to disconnect from everything around you and be still in His presence.”   A visitor/pilgrim to Lough Derg wrote these words.  He or she attached no name but shared the words later with the staff there.  They …

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Jan 14

Bulletin Thought!

Sharing the few words from this week’s parish bulletin.  I found myself  thinking the other night about the parish and its people.  It is truly a great parish and, with Fr John, I feel blessed to be here.  There is so much goodness around us and so much good happening.  I was nonetheless thinking about …

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Oct 04

And then it went “viral”

Apparently! On Sunday last I shared a few words at Masses in Kilmovee and Urlaur around Mayo’s defeat in the All-Ireland replay.  After Mass a man told me he found the words helpful.  When I came home I decided to try to remember them and put them on my blog.  I left it at that.  A …

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Apr 14

The Moral Bucket List (David Brooks)

The Moral Bucket List – an email received …Earlier today I received an email with this attachment.  It’s to an article in the New York TImes and is entitled “THE MORAL BUCKET LIST”  – worth a read if time allows. Click here

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Apr 13

A Mother’s Hug

(I heard this reflection earlier today on Mid West Radio’s “FAITH ALIVE” programme.  I had heard it somewhere before but was struck by it today and thought I’d search for it and use it at Morning Mass.  The search was successful and I was happy to be able to include it in our celebrations of Eucharist …

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