Transfiguration Urlaur Lake

Earlier this evening, March 11th, when going to Mass in Urlaur I noticed a most glorious sunset and sky. Though tight enough for time, I bypassed the Church and went to Urlaur Lake.  I’ve been here long enough to know that when the sky is right, Urlaur Lake is at its best.  I wasn’t the only one there, met two people – one a professional photographer – who were enjoying the moment too.  I took a few quick shots with my phone and the colours were amazing.  Struck me that I was heading back to Church to say a few words about The Transfiguration and surely if Urlaur Lake were anything at that moment, it was transfigured by the very touch of the heavens.  Its beauty is always there but the moment it is touched by God’s splendour, the full story is told.